Fall Damage logotype

Martin Holmström

3D Artist – Art

🔻 What was your favorite game growing up?

It’s tough to single out just one game but Total Annihilation holds a special place in my heart. The superb music by Jeremy Soule and the awesome scale of the battles made for an all-time favorite.

There have unfortunately been very few games trying to replicate that awesome scale, the only one I’ve seen is Chris Taylor’s Supreme Commander which is also very high on my list.

🔻 Name a couple of hobbies or interests that you really enjoy: 

I play a lot of games in various genres, with some favorites being Apex, Anno 1800, Crusader Kings III, and Starsector. I also enjoy watching documentaries and photography, mostly of industrial equipment and military vehicles.

🔻 Your dream travel destination where you have not been yet: 

Can I go semi unrealistic and say space? I’d love to float out there and see our pale blue dot. The second choice would probably be Galapagos Islands or the Arctic.

🔻 If your friends and family would describe you in just ONE word, what would it be?



Some of my colleagues