We are a small squad with a big mission; to make everything from characters to gadgets come alive in the game. We all bring different experiences and skills to the table and today we do everything from technical animation to 3D.

We thrive in an open environment where we help each other out, learn from each other's experiences and are having fun while creating great game experiences.

We are looking to grow the team with a not so distant future. Keep in touch by connecting with our department or check out potential job opportunities below.


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“It all started with the Zelda series, or to be more specific the legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. Its colorful and diverse adventure world and grave dark layers drew me to gaming and made me set my mind on working in the industry.

Working with Animation, I have the possibility to give life to all kinds of characters, creatures, and environments in the story and gameplay. Every day is a new adventure and I can be creative in so many ways. 

One of the best perks in the industry is to work with like-minded nerdy, dorky, and yet incredibly professional and passionate people. At Fall Damage, everyone has a place and a voice with everyone in the crew being welcoming and awesome.  

The crew has managed to find a great balance of passion and professionality of working together making our games while managing a healthy and respectable work environment.

I feel the founders’ idea and practice has been to push for a healthy, fun, inspiring, and thriving work environment as it makes a better team and it will lead to a greater product!”

- Isabell Sarstedt, Lead 3D Animator