Jon Micheelsen

Jon Micheelsen

Technical Artist – Art

🔻 What are you passionate about within game development?

The nitty-gritty details that go into putting the prettiest possible pixels on the screen as fast as possible, in particular the magic that can happen when shader programming and art pipelines coalesce!

🔻 Why Fall Damage?

To answer this, you'd have to use the full cheese vocabulary, but it's for real! That said, I can't leave out: My coworkers, every single one of them! And, work-life balance without compromise!

🔻 What's your favorite pastime (other than playing games)?

Immersing myself in an ocean of Lego and just float around until my fingers are too soar to keep on building.

🔻 What's your all-time favorite game

It's a hard one to answer, but I think I have to say Total Annihilation, because all the time it stole from homework assignments and what-was-expected of my younger self, figuring out how to mod every single aspect of it; from programming little k-bot legs to do run animations or cannon barrels to aim and recoil, to hand spriting fireball flipbooks or making terrain tilesets in ancient Bryce, turned out to be my calling a decade and something later.