We are a bunch of programmers who are united by a strong will to create epic games. We practice collective ownership over the code that we produce, and we encourage an open climate where we discuss the different tradeoffs and engineering decisions that we make along the way.

Today the code crew is divided into three smaller teams that focus on different parts of the game client; UI Programmers, Gameplay Programmers, and Systems Programmers. We develop and operate internal backend services, but no player-facing backend services.

We develop our game on the latest version of Unreal Engine and, naturally, C++ is our weapon of choice. However, we also use Blueprints for things that change very frequently. We work with one-week sprints, with the game playable at all times, and we make formal releases every week. We use Plastic SCM and Git for version control and a combination of Jenkins and GitHub Actions for our CI.

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"My favorite thing about working at Fall Damage is definitely the team! It has been carefully composed and it shows, especially in how well we work together. The company has gone through many changes and grown since I was hired, but the general openness I felt at the start is still there.

The thing I'm most passionate about is the game feel, the little details that when combined creates a rich and fun experience, are really important to me."

- Ludvig Grönborg, UI Programmer