Gustav Järn

Gustav Järn

Technical Designer – Design

🔻 What are you passionate about within game development?

I love creating games for others to enjoy, and also the process of designing features and modifying them to so what the outcome of that change is.

🔻 Why Fall Damage? 

Friendly colleagues that are open that you feel that you can talk to and that your voice will be heard, no matter if it’s work-related or about your personal life.

🔻 What's your favorite pastime (other than playing games)?

Weight lifting, Cooking food, playing and building Warhammer Age of Sigmar and 40,000, playing and DMing Dungeons & Dragons.

🔻 What's your all-time favorite game and why?

My favorite games constantly change from year to year as I always try to test new games as a Game Designer, but a series that I always seem to come back to is the Monster Hunter series.