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Yoni Rabinowitz

Lead Game Designer – Design

🔻 What are you passionate about within game development?

I love working with other people and solving interesting problems. Game dev is such a fantastic collaboration between so many different types of people and with different interests and skills. Cinematography, physics, animation, networking, interaction design, architecture, economics, 3D art, visual effects, sound design, music, and more all come together to make people smile, relax and enjoy themselves. It's fun to always be working with people who know so much more about their craft than I do.

🔻 Why Fall Damage?

I really like the size of our company and I like that everyone is working together to simply make the game more fun. We're not held up by project management or technical nightmares, or trying to build as much stuff as quickly as possible. It's about quality and making a game that people will want to keep coming back to. It's a very iterative process and everyone is supportive of refining and making things better. We all play the game together regularly and everyone discusses how it could be improved without reservation. 

🔻 What's your favorite pastime (other than playing games)?

I love spending time in nature. I enjoy scuba diving, hiking, nature photography, anything that gets me out to new and beautiful places. It's always great to disconnect a bit on the weekends and when I'm on vacation.

🔻 What's your all-time favorite game and why?

I can never really pick just one, but for right now I'll say Day of Defeat. It's a favorite because it was the first multiplayer game that I spent years playing, thousands of hours. I played in competitive leagues and even ran my own clan for a while. The approach to gunplay, movement, asymmetrical level design, the momentum shifts in a match, and the team coordination required to win was like nothing else I'd ever played.

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