Tobias Lundström

Tobias Lundström

Lead Systems Programmer – Code

đź”» What are you passionate about within game development?

I'm passionate about tech, and game development facilitates that for me. For me, the system is it's this cool place where I can do a lot of "behind the scenes stuff. It's very satisfying, especially as my work enables other people to achieve something as well. 

đź”» Why Fall Damage?

Fun colleagues - that is the main thing for me! At Fall Damage, we don't have a lot of artificial corporate infrastructure hampering our progress. We are also open about most things, which is appreciated. 

đź”» What's your favorite pastime (other than playing games)?

I like finding new restaurants and occasionally cook.

đź”» What's your all-time favorite game and why?

I enjoy dealing sessions of 52 pickup, it's just really fun.