Rami Sleiman

Rami Sleiman

Lead Gameplay/UI Programmer – Code

What are you passionate about within game development?

Just the feeling of making something from the ground up, seeing it grow into something beautiful as you are working on it. Doing this with a group of motivated people that have a passion for making amazing things.

Why do you enjoy working at Fall Damage?

When I started at Fall Damage it was basically just the founders, I had previously been a consultant and worked for huge soulless companies, I was really attracted to the idea of getting back into more indie-scale game development. Years later and we have now octupled in size but we still retain that small company feeling that I really like.

We put great effort into making sure that the people we hire are great people that are motivated and passionate, this has resulted in an environment where people can be creative, open, passionate, and inspiring.

What's your favorite pastime (other than playing games)?

I’m a huge sports fan, especially Rugby and Ice Hockey. Cooking different kinds of food and balancing that with exercise. Being outside in nature and just seeing new vistas and experiencing new things. Spending time with friends and getting drunk in parks.

What's your all-time favorite game and why?

This is an incredibly difficult question to answer since it often depends on the day of the year and my current mood and what I’m currently interested in.

But if I had to pick out a couple of franchises that I always enjoy then those would be the Souls series, any Metroid game, and any Zelda game.