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Erik Qvarnström

Technical Animator – Animation

🔻 What are you passionate about within game development?

 I really enjoy tackling day-to-day problems and seeing the results after solving them, especially if it something that benefits someone in another discipline. If I can make their life easier I am happy.

🔻 Why Fall Damage?

A pretty cliche answer but the people make FallDamage great. I believe positive values are radiated and enforced from the top down, any grudges/grievances are immediately aired and people are very understanding of each other making it very easy to leave work with a clear head. 

🔻 What's your favorite pastime(other than playing games)?

I enjoy wall climbing, board games, and recently I also started practicing guitar. Most recently I taught myself the Morrowind theme (only on one string though, but still feels pretty dope).

🔻 What's your all-time favorite game and why?

By feeling it is definitely Witcher 3. Just an awesome world that I could get lost in for a while, look forward to playing it again once the "remaster" update comes out. By playtime, it is CS:GO, but sometimes it's hard to know why someone would voluntarily play a game like that :^).

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