Jacob Claussen

Jacob Claussen

Lead Environment Artist – Art

🔻 What are you passionate about within game development?

Getting the chance to work with a different type of skill set and personality and somehow creating something that both the team but also other people get joy from is a nice feeling. 

🔻 Why Fall Damage?

Before I've been at small to very big studios, and I would say Fall Damage is the perfect fit for me. Both the size and that people make you feel welcome since day one. You get the chance to set your mark on the game and help is always around the corner if needed.

🔻 What's your favorite pastime (other than playing games)?

Exploring nature. Art in general, both watching and creating. Then I'm a big movie buff, everything from arthouse movies to bad 80s B-movies.

🔻 What's your all-time favorite game and why?

That is a tricky question. It depends on time in my life, but growing up Ocarina of Time was something that kinda set its mark on me. Then World of Warcraft came.