Murilo Sousa

Murilo Sousa

Systems Programmer – Code

🔻 What was your favorite game growing up?

Final Fantasy Tactics. Played many many times and on many different platforms.

🔻 Name a couple of hobbies or interests that you really enjoy:

Gaming. These days only games that allow quick sessions (ideally that can be paused somehow). Lately, Diablo 3 and Wild Rift (mobile League of Legends). Aside from that, I love physical activity. I also love the fact that my 2-year-old daughter is now more interested in her bike so we can cycle around.

🔻 Your dream travel destination where you have not been yet:

Japan. Mostly about food here but also would love to see the beautiful natural landscapes of Japan's countryside.

🔻 If your friends and family would describe you in just ONE word, what would it be?


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