Junior Game Designer, Technical Design - Fall Damage, Stockholm

As a Technical Designer you enjoy the mechanics at work behind the scenes of our games.
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Do you love the combination of scripting, gaming and team collaboration? Are you a junior in the industry with expereience in Unreal Engine 4 + Blueprints etihter from recent school projects, own indie games or from internships?

Then we're already curious about you!

We are working on our first high-profile, competetive, FPS and believe that co-op is more important than individual performance. It's not all about yourself; what can you do to support the team? And what can the team do to help you? We offer a supportive environment where people can hone their game development skills while enjoying each others' company.

Sounds like a treat?


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As our new Technical Designer you will work in-engine and script gameplay mechanics. You'll use Blueprints to prototype weapons, gadgets, balancing and similar technical tasks like helping out with the implementation of animations. 

Like in all of our roles, collaboation and solving problems together is what will bring the game vision to completion, often serving as the bridge between Art and Code.

You pay attatnion to and take pride in the little details that leads to more satisfying gameplay, giving the game that extra layer of polish.

Your player profile 

We believe in potential and that if  you're passionate about something, you will do great things. We care deeply about how we develop games, collaborate and improve together. 


  • Ongoing or recentely finsihed studies in Game Development, SW Engineering or similar
  • Experience with: Unreal Engine 4 + Blueprints
  • Fluent in English 


  • Experience from a role as Technical Designer as an intern, freelancer or similar
  • Interest in and experience with other languages and engines

Ready to level up? 

We would love to hear from you! We ask that your application always include relevant work samples or a link to your portfolio, Github or similar if you have it. Furthermore, we really like to get to know YOU, so be yourself and tell us why you are into gaming and what you actually enjoy doing.


* Note: We currently don't offer to relocate talent on a global level at this point in our quest. The capacity is simply lacking so we will primarily focus on talents already residing in Sweden on a temporary or permanent visa. This is something we, of course, hope to be able to offer in a not to distant future.


Buzz: Technical Designer, Technical Artist, Programmer, FPS, Multiplayer, Developer, SW Engineer, C, C++, Blueprints, UE4, Game Design, Scripting, Utvecklare, Spelutveckling, Programmerare

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!