Systems Programmer - Fall Damage, Stockholm

You will use your programming skills to improve how the game works under the hood, and create plumbing that enables others to build user-facing features
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Fall Damage is looking for an experienced Systems Programmer to join our team in Stockholm. We are working on our first high-profile FPS. You will use your programming skills to improve how the game works under the hood, and create plumbing that enables others to build user-facing features. You are also invited to participate in product and design discussions, be they large and small.

We believe that team performance is more important than individual performance. It's not all about yourself; what can you do to help the team? And what can the team do to help you? Fall Damage offers a supportive environment where people can hone their game development skills while enjoying each others' company.

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You get to tackle questions such as:

"What architectural, algorithmic or content-related changes would it take to make the game run well on machine XYZ? Can you drive that effort over the next half year?"

"Are there any architectural changes to Unreal Engine that would benefit us, even when taking into account the cost of maintaining divergence?"

"How do we secure the multiplayer gameplay experience well, when we cannot trust the client?"

"Oh my, that is one strange crash dump. What on earth happened on that player's machine?"

"How do we ensure game builds and patches are delivered effectively to user's machines?"

Your player profile:

We believe you are an experienced programmer who have worked at least a few years with game development, or a senior software engineer in another field who wants to transition into game development. We care deeply about how we develop games, collaborate and improve continuously. 


  • You have at least 5 years experience as a Software Engineer or equivalent 
  • C/C++ is home base
  • Familiarity with the Unreal engine; both the engine itself and common subsystems (physics, animation etc.), including functional as well as performance and resource management aspects
  • A good understanding of computer hardware and how to write performant high-level code
  • A continued interest in learning new tools and technologies
  • Fluent in English

Above & Beyond

Perhaps you bring more than your programming skills to the table. Do you often ask yourself not just "how", but "why", in a constructive manner? Do you excel when collaborating tightly with non-programmers? Do you enjoy improving processes and automation? Are your homemade cheesecakes renowned in your neighborhood? Let us know!

Ready to level up? Come join us! 

Do you believe that this could be your next quest? Great, we would love to hear from you! We ask that your application always include relevant work samples or a link to your portfolio, GitHub or similar. Furthermore, we really like to get to know YOU, so just be yourself and tell us why you are into gaming and what you actually enjoy doing!

What about relocation?

If you're an EU-citizen authorized to work in Sweden, we're all for it! We handle relocations on a case-by-case basis, but will be able to assist with the most important part, which is finding a home for you. Unfortunately we don't have the capability to offer work-permit solutions for non-EU citizens at the moment, something we hope to be able to provide as we grow in the future.


Buzz: Game Developer, Software Engineer, Programmer, Backend Developer, Game Engine, Player Behavior, UX, UI, C++, Unity, VFX, FPS, First Person Shooter, Senior Systems Engineer, Senior Systems Programmer, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Developer, Senior C++ Developer

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


Tyska brinken 30
111 27 Stockholm Directions


We are a Swedish game development studio located in the heart of Stockholm.

The foundation of Fall Damage is our people and we put great value in collaboration, openness and how we create our games. 

Building amazing experiences while maintaining a proper work-life balance is key and something we take very seriously. 

  • Founded in 2016
  • 40+ employees