SysAdmin interested in DevOps? Join Fall Damage, Stockholm!

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Are you a collaborative, friendly game enthusiast who values openness in your working environment? Do you want to use your SysAdmin & DevOps skills to enable people to work effectively, and make our internal development processes run smoothly?

Great! You are also invited to participate in product and design discussions, be they large and small.

We believe that team performance is more important than individual performance. It's not all about yourself; what can you do to help the team? And what can the team do to help you? Fall Damage offers a supportive environment where people can hone their skills while enjoying each others' company.


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This role involves a bit of traditional IT systems administration and user support. Onboarding of new people, helping technically-minded people with technical problems - particularly with license handling and driver/hardware issues. 

Commonly used tools: Windows/Linux OS, Visual Studio, Git, Plastic SCM, Maya, Photoshop, Unreal Editor.
It also involves running internal services. We avoid physical machinery if possible; we rely on a combination of SaaS and self-hosted services. Examples: Google Workspace, Azure AD, Slack, Discord, Confluence, Jira, GitHub, Plastic SCM, Jenkins, Sentry.
There is an office with a limited physical infrastructure to manage. All our tools are set up to support work-from-home as well as from the office.

Over time, you should aim to automate ops for all self-hosted services. Physical machines => VMs => Docker => Kubernetes. Contemporary tooling and strategies like CI, CD and GitOps are vital for running internal services effectively. Commonly used tools: GitHub/GitHub Actions, Terraform, Packer, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform.

Your player profile 

We value the individual’s potential and that people working here should be friendly, collaborative and open minded. We don't think that skill level come in "x-years-of-experience" but some are necessary in order to understand how the dirrerent mechanics of game development comes together. We care deeply about how we develop games, collaborate between crafts and improve continuously, together. 


  • A minimum 3 years of professional systems administration and/or DevOps experience
  • Solid understanding of Windows or Linux OS fundamentals, and a willingness to learn the other
  • Familiarity with Bash/PowerShell scripting and at least one full-fledged programming language
  • Familiarity with CI/CD tools and cloud infrastructure
  • Fluent in English (read / written)

Above & Beyond!

Perhaps you bring more than your IT & automation skills to the table? Do you often ask yourself not just "how", but "why", in a constructive manner? Do you have an interest in not only operating, but also building services? Do you enjoy helping others understand the dark corners of operating systems? Are your homemade cheesecakes renowned in your neighborhood? Let us know!

Ready to level up? Come join us!

If you think that this position matches your background and skills, we would love to hear from you. We ask that your application always include relevant work samples or a link to your portfolio. Furthermore, we really like to get to know YOU, so be yourself and tell us why you are into gaming and what you actually enjoy doing.

* Note: We currently don't offer to relocate talent on a global level at this point in our quest. We are a growing studio and the capacity is simply lacking, so we will primarily focus on talents already residing in Sweden and EU citizens. Of course, we hope to be able to offer broader relocation in a not to distant future.


Buzz: Internal IT, SysAdmin, IT Admin, DevOps, Automation, Scripting, Cloud Infrastructure, Gaming, Game Development, CI/CD, Game Infrastructure, Software Engineer, Programmer, Backend Developer, Fullstack Programmer, Cloud Engineering,  C++, Unreal Engine 4, Multi-player, FPS, First Person Shooter, Automation Engineer, Tools, Build Engineer, Site Reliability

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


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We Are Fall Damage

We are a Swedish game development studio located in the heart of Stockholm.

The foundation of Fall Damage is our people and we put great value in collaboration, openness and how we create our games. 

Building amazing experiences while maintaining a proper work-life balance is key and something we take very seriously. 


  • Coworkers 35+
  • Founded in 2016